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Parent Education

Personal Safety Education Update for Parents (flyer) English PDF Spanish PDF

This program of the Diocese of Tucson is described above. It contains a general outline for the education of parents. The basic principle is that parents are the primary educators of their children. It is important for parents to know as much as possible about the dangers their children face so that they can provide appropriate information and supervision. At the same time, no parent raises a child independent of the larger community. It is equally important that parents know about the resources available from parish, school, law enforcement and other civic agencies. Together, community, parents and children weave the most effective web of safety.

Guidelines for Parents: Maintaining a Safe Environment for Your Children
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Guía para padres: Cómo mantener un entorno seguro para sus hijos
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Danger: Internet! Tips for Parents PDF
Peligro: ¡Internet¡ Consejos para Padres de Familia PDF

Parent Education Program: Personal Safety

This program is delivered by Catholic Social Services. Presentations, in Spanish or English, may be offered as a parent-based alternative to the education of children in personal safety or as an adjunct to the personal safety education provided to children and youth. Call Mr. Michael Ponce (520-623-0344) for more information.

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