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Stories about organizations and ministries that show respect for life by offering help and examples of mercy, compassion and support to people in need.

You Did It for Me

John* lived in a Catholic Charities home for people with developmental disabilities. His job was to retrieve and distribute the mail. Opening the mailbox one day, he found a baby inside. John brought the baby to the house manager. Years later there was a knock on the door of that home. A young lady was looking for John, who had passed away. She wanted to thank John for saving that baby, for saving her life.

In 2015 Catholic Charities agencies provided 286,169…

Tú lo hiciste por mí

Victoria Marah, de Sierra Leona, es una de las estudiantes más destacadas en su distrito escolar. Victoria atribuye su éxito a las comidas que recibe en la escuela gracias a la generosidad de los estadounidenses. La historia de Victoria es tan solo un ejemplo de todo el bien que puede hacer ese 1% del presupuesto de nuestra nación que se dedica a ayuda internacional. ¡Pide al Congreso que proteja la ayuda internacional para que estudiantes como Victoria puedan salir…

You Did It for Me

Victoria Marah, from Sierra Leone, is one of the top performing students in her school district. Victoria attributes her success to the meals provided at school thanks to the generosity of the American people. Victoria’s story is just one example of how 1% of our nation's budget which makes up international assistance does a world of good. Urge Congress to protect international assistance so students like Victoria can thrive!

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You Did It for Me

Rahim* was born in southern Iraq. Growing up, he loved cars and learned to fix them. As an adult, he got a job with a U.S. company fixing machines. When insurgents discovered that Rahim was working for the U.S., he became a target. He was granted a special immigration visa and arrived in the U.S. in 2012. Catholic Charities helped him resettle and now he is not only working but also studying at a university. He is grateful to Catholic Charities for the opportunity to…


Mike* is a former gang member who, after serving time in prison, entered a Catholic Charities reentry program. There he received the guidance and support he needed to reject violence and crime. Now he is a Peer Mentor in the same program, and he is studying for his social work degree at a local university. Mike credits Catholic Charities for helping him make a change in his life: “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

In 2015,…


Fernando dreams of becoming a businessman—and of a better future for his family. That’s what led him to YouthBuild, a CRS-sponsored program that trains young people in business.

“YouthBuild is a family because families help you realize your dreams,” Fernando says. Thanks to the support of his wife throughout his YouthBuild experience, he knows this to be true.