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School Records

If the place where you received your record is not listed below, you will need to contact the parish or school where you attended
The fee for a record is $10. Due to limited staff and resources, a period of up to two weeks may be needed to retrieve information.
We will make every effort to locate your information, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accomodate every request.

We do not have birth, death or common law marriage records.


In order to find school records, we require at least the following information:

  • First and Last (Maiden) name
  • School attended
  • Year of graduation or when the individual left the school
  • Indentifiers (date of birth, parents names)

All Saints

Holy Angels (Globe):

Immaculate Conception (Yuma)

Loretto Academy (Bisbee)

Loretto School (Douglas)

Lourdes Academy (Nogales): 1945-2004

Regina Cleri Seminary

Sacred Heart (Nogales)
[Also known as Lourdes]

Sacred Heart (Tucson)

St. Ambrose

St. Anthony (Casa Grande)

St. Cyril:
Attendance Records 1975-2001

St. Francis of Assisi (Yuma)

St. John the Evangelist

St. Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph School:
1954-1970; 1972-1999
Attendance Records 1959-1979

St. Patrick (Bisbee)

SS. Peter and Paul:
Student Health Records

San Carlos School

San Xavier Mission School

Santa Cruz: