Monday, September 17, 2012
Vol 10, No 5

Posted on by Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas



This weekend, our Diocese will be celebrating Masses for the child victims of violent crimes.  I am pleased with this diocesewide outreach to help those who have been victimized by crime and their families – whether in religious and public institutions or in their homes or other areas.

I will be celebrating such a Mass for Victims at St. Augustine Cathedral on Sunday at 10 a.m., and my office, working with our Office of Child, Adolescent and Adult Protection, has encouraged all of the other 76 parishes in our Diocese to do the same.

“Crimes against children occur everywhere,” said Deacon Paul Duckro, director of the Diocese of Tucson’s Office of Child, Adolescent and Adult Protection. “Every week we hear or read about new incidents in which children are abused, abducted, or emotionally harmed. These children must be remembered and these situations must be prevented as much as possible. We hope this special weekend of Masses will call us all to renew our commitment to be observant and protective of children.”


We also hope this will be an opportunity to pray for healing of all who have been

harmed, whether recently or long ago. The Mass will be an experience of solace for those who have been harmed, of support for those who work every day to protect children, and a reminder to the public of the need to remain vigilant and courageous in recognizing and responding to signs of abuse or maltreatment.


Please try to join us at one of these Masses.  If you cannot be with us, please keep in your prayers all victims of crimes.


My thanks to Deacon Paul Duckro and the Office of Child, Adolescent and Adult Protection, to all of parish compliance officers and to all those who work for the protection of people against violent crime.



Marist College Update
You may have seen articles and news programs recently highlighting an end to negotiations concerning a possible Community Development Block Grant  allocation to help pay for repairs to Marist College.

There are a variety of reasons for the end of our talks, but essentially it became obvious that we could not agree to the terms surrounding the allocation. After the possible offer of CDBG funds to restore the exterior of Marist College was made by the City, I discussed the possibility of surrendering ownership of the building to a developer, which was a condition for the grant. I received strong and unanimous advice that the Cathedral should not give up ownership of this property, which is a part of Cathedral Square area.

We are now faced with the dilemma of whether to renovate the facility, which may cost in excess of $3 million, or to bring the building down, retaining some of the decorative facade to preserve some history of this facility and of the adjacent barrio destroyed during construction of the Tucson Convention Center.


We will be getting estimates for building removal and creation of a memorial space. I also will be eliciting your thoughts about what should be done. While it is important to preserve our history as a Church and as a community, we need to be good stewards of our resources.


Please give me your thoughts by emailing: I welcome your suggestions. As I did with the decision on how to paint the Cathedral, I look forward to hearing your counsel or questions.


I am grateful to John Shaheen, our Properties and Insurance Manager, for his untiring efforts to resolve this situation with Marist College in all its complexity.


Marriage Celebration
It was my pleasure to lead 207 couples in renewal of their wedding vows yesterday. It truly is a joyful experience to watch as all the couples turn smiling to face one another and to reaffirm their commitment –years after they were first married.

Today more than ever we need to highlight fidelity in marriage and the blessings of a good marriage.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has a section on their website at on the topic: Strengthening Marriage. In some marvelous and entertaining videos they have created, couples are asked, “What have you done for your marriage today?” a great question. Marriage like any relationship needs to be nourished every day. Simple acts of love and expressions of affection can mean so much. You might ask yourself, “What have I done for my marriage today?” A man in one video turned to his wife and asked, “What have I done for my marriage today?” and she happily retorted, “They are asking you!”

The happiness and devotion of the couples toward one another and to their family members attending their renewal of vows was obvious at yesterday’s Mass. We had a few couples celebrating their first wedding anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Betchel from St. Andrew Parish in Sierra Vista celebrated 66 years of married life and love together. Six couples including Mr. and Mrs. Francis Annesse of Our Lady of the Valley Parish in Green Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Coronado of St. Rose of Lima Parish in Safford, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Medina of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Mr. and Mrs. Marty Ronstadt of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Yanez of St. Ambrose Parish and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yenter of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Casa Grande all were celebrating 65 years of married life.78 couples celebrating 25 years together, and 80 couples that have been married 50 years.


After Mass we commemorated the day with photos and cake. Congratulations to all!

Scroll down to the end of the Monday Memo to see a listing of all the couples.



Presbyteral Council Meeting

We have a full agenda for our Presbyteral Council Meeting today. Among the items to be discussed are: Catholic Radio; OCAAP Safe Environment and parish website links; the Year of Faith; financial report of the last Priests’ Convocation, Faithful Citizenship, the Kino Border Initiative; talks at parishes every year , such as CCS; cemeteries; Catholic schools;  Diocesan Directory; Annual Catholic Appeal update and goals; Catholic Source Book, special Tucson edition; newly revised Priest Manual; Anglican Ordinariate; a CRS Presentation by Father Juan Carlos Aguirre and Vicariate Reports.


I am grateful to the dedicated priests serving on the Presbyteral Council for their willingness to take on this responsibility in addition to their pastoral duties. I am deeply grateful for their sound advice and counsel on a wide range of issues facing our Diocese.


The Council members are: Father Patrick Crino, V.F., Pima Central Vicariate; Father Edward Lucero, V.F., Graham-Greenlee Vicariate; Father Stephen Barnufsky, O.F.M., V.F., Pima West Vicariate; Father Jay Luczak, V.F., Gila-Pinal East Vicariate; Father Michael Bucciarelli, V.F., Cochise Vicariate; Father Ronald Oakham, O.Carm, V.F., Pima East Vicariate; Father Alexander Mills, V.F., Santa Cruz Vicariate; Father Javier Perez, V.F., Yuma-La Paz Vicariate; Father Domenico Pinti, V.F., Pinal West Vicariate;Father John Lyons, J.C.L., V.F., Pima North Vicariate; and Father Gonzalo Villegas, V.F., Pima South Vicariate. Ex-officio members include Msgr. Al Schifano, Msgr. Raul Treviso and Msgr. Richard O’Keefe.




Out of town
I will be attending the annual meeting of the Province of Santa Fe on Tuesday and Wednesday.

From the very beginning of our Diocese we have been a part of the Province of Santa Fe, which includes the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and the dioceses of Phoenix, Gallup, Las Cruces and Tucson. Our Metropolitan Archbishop is Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe.

The history of our Diocese is intricately connected to that of Santa Fe. In fact, two of our bishops – John Baptiste Salpointe and Peter Bourgade – later became Archbishops of Santa Fe.

Today, the Province meets once a year to discuss a particular area of ministry of concern to all the member dioceses. This year the topic is vocations. Vocation directors of our dioceses have been invited to join us and to discuss vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. These provincial gatherings are a chance to share best practices and to learn from one another.


I will be traveling to Salt Lake City briefly for the annual Bishop’s Dinner for The Cathedral of the Madeleine. I will be a keynote speaker for this fundraiser to support their beautiful Cathedral, which was constructed between 1900 and 1909, and that is listed on the Utah Register of Historic Sites and the National Register of Historic Places.  The Cathedral received a major interior renovation between 1991 and 1993 at a cost of $9.7 million.

I look forward to joining Bishop John C. Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake, for this important event for their Diocese. Bishop Wester is a good friend. We work together on the Catholic Relief Services Board and the USCCB Communication Committee .

Catholic Christian Family Movement

The Catholic Christian Family Movement is a group dedicated to promoting human and Christian values of family, education in faith and to the overall development of the community through its members.

A nivel local, nuestra federación cuenta con el reconocimiento de la Diocesis Católica de Brownsville y el apoyo de nuestro Obispo Daniel E.

Our local group, or Movimiento, will be concluding their annual charismatic  Congresso this weekend, and I will be celebrating  the closing Mass on Sunday for this devoted group of Catholics.  Margaret and Manny Varela, organizers of the event locally, said they have many people from southern Arizona, Yuma and Phoenix attending this event, along with some people attending from California.


My thanks to the Mr. and Mrs. Varelas, to Father Marco Antonio from St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Sierra Vista, who serves as the group’s spiritual director, and to Msgr. Raul Treviso, who will assisting with this year’s Congresso.


Support Catholic Schools
This Sunday there will be a second collection to support our Catholic Schools. We have 26 schools across our Diocese, including six high schools,  that do an amazing job of educating our youth in academics and in our faith. This year, our schools are struggling with lower enrollment, and that means fewer dollars to do the same work.  Education of the next generation is extremely important; if you can, please help in the care of our schools.

By the way
Our Diocese’s archival display of the Sisters in Arizona will be taken down this week as we begin work on the upcoming St. Kateri Tekakwitha display.

Most of the Sisters exhibit will be traveling to St. Theresa Parish in Phoenix for its Year of Faith Ministry Fair Sept. 22-23, and then it will come back to our Diocese for exhibition at St. Anthony Parish in Casa Grande towards the end of this year.  Finally, the exhibit will go all the way to Yuma for display at St. John Neumann Parish sometime in the early months of 2013.

The new display – which will highlight the work of evangelization of Native Americans in our Diocese  — comes at a fitting time as we look forward to the canonization of St. Kateri Tekakwitha. Her canonization brings great joy to our native communities, who were the first converts to Catholicism in our area. Much work has been done by Steff Koeneman, Kathy Rhinehart, Betty Wittenberg, John Shaheen, Omar Rodriguez, former Chancellor Ernie Nedder, volunteer Nancy Siner and members of the Diocesan Archive Board.


Working for the future

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to lead a day of reflection for Deacon Ed Sheffer and the young adults who work with high school students from St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.


This Working Group includes Matt Angiulo, Ryan Bequette, Patrick Copeland, Kelsey Cummings, Ross Helland, Max Jimenez, Andrew Katsinas, Brianna Kennedy, Carey Lacey, Martha Luebbering, Jessica Luebbering,Tucker Pudwill, Carly Regan, Deidra Reiff, Jayson Rickel, Susana and Andrew Starbuck who brought their recently-born son, Peter, to the day. It was delightful to have him among us, even if he did manage to sleep through all my talks. Little Peter represents the future Church.


I left our gathering with great hope for our young adults who are seeking the Lord and eager to share the Good News with others. They are a marvelous example of what we are trying to accomplish during the upcoming Year of Faith: Bringing  others to the Lord through witness and example.


Yuma Catechetical Conference
I am happy to report that 220 catechists and other parish leaders attended  Saturday’s day-long conference, “Tools for Teaching/ Recursos para la Enseñanza, held at Yuma Catholic High School for the parishes of Yuma-La Paz Vicariate.

Each parish in Yuma was represented, including participants who drove in from Sacred Heart Parish in Parker, St. Joseph Parish in Wellton, St. Jude Thaddeus Parish in San Luis, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Somerton. The day included prayer and music, workshops in both English and Spanish, and a closing liturgy celebrated by Father Javier Perez, V.C., for the Yuma Vicariate.


The Year of Faith
With the coming of October, our Diocese will begin its celebration of the Year of Faith. In the October issue of the New Vision we will begin learning about the various Vicariates that make up our Diocese and their histories. The October newspaper will feature our Cochise County Vicariate. These stories are being done  as part of  one of our goals for the Year of Faith. That goal is to discover the history of those who have gone before us planting the faith in this region.

The October New Vision also will launch a series of stories in which people from our Diocese share their faith journeys with us. We have asked the writers of these stories to reflect on those who inspired them to embrace Christ, as well as to include some information about what has challenged their faith. I am sure you will enjoy reading these fascinating stories of faith. You may read similar faith journey stories in your parish bulletins or hear some faith reflections from the pulpit at the end of Mass. These stories will inspire our own faith.

The Monday Memo will have a slightly new look with the coming of the Year of Faith. In the first Monday Memo of October we will list all the diocesan events currently planned for the Year of Faith. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Jan.  26, 2013 for the all-day seminar on Rediscovering Vatican II.  Dr. Massimo, Faggioli, an expert in this area,  will be the keynote speaker.

Many other activities and events will be announced in the New Vision and the Monday Memo. Likewise, your parishes may be planning special events that they will be announcing. I pray this Year of Faith will reap many spiritual blessings.

Please pray for
The soul of Sister Nancy Perez, S.D.P. who died Friday. Sister worked as Director of Religious Education at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Yuma.



Happy Anniversary! Listed below are the couples that participated in the 2012 Marriage Celebration:


Nidal and Diana Ajluni, St. George

Alonso and Lydia Alba, St. Augustine

Dustin and Mona Allred, St. Thomas the Apostle

Manuel V. and Beverly Sue Alvarez, St. Francis

Francisco J. and Haydee Alvarez, San Felipe de Jesus

Manuel and Mary Ann Amado, St. Augustine Cathedral

Charlie and Maria Andrade, Most Holy Trinity

Joseph and Jeanette Andriano, St. Anthony of Padua

Francis D. and Reina Annese, Our Lady of the Valley

Nicolas and Isabel Arias, Immaculate Conception

Richard and Rosemary Arviso, Immaculate Conception

Carlos Y Isabel Atondo, St. Jude Thaddeus

Stanley and Olga Augustyniewicz, Santa Catalina

Abelardo and Carolina Ayala, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Deigo and Christina Ballesteros, St. Margarets

Robert M. and Marian Barna, St. Pius X

George and Lois Belock, St. Odilia

Andrés and Maria Guadalupe Beltran, St. Augustine

Richard and Ann Berlo, St. Thomas the Apostle

Robert and Adela Borboa, St. Ambrose

Tom and Pat Bradley, Our Lady of the Valley

Robert and Genevieve Brechtel, St. Andrew the Apostle

Francisco M. and Irene A.Brown, St. John the Evangelist

Will and Betty Bublitz, St. George

Dcn. Oscar and Maria Consuelo Bueno, St. Augustine

Esteban and Ina Isabel Cañez,  Santa Monica

Kenneth and Mary Ann Carpenter, St. Pius X

Roman and Christine Carrillo, Most Holy Trinity

Bilal and Yolanda Chamseddine, St. John the Evangelist

Manuel and Rosemary Chavez, Most Holy Trinity

Rafael and Carolina Chavez, Our Mother of Sorrows

Richard and Andrea Conchola, St. Joseph

James and Gloria Connor, St. Ann’s Parish

Paul & Geraldine Conser, Santa Catalina

Alonzo M. and Velia L. Coronado, St. Rose of Lima

Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jr. Cruz, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Gilbert and Mary Lou Davila, St. Anthony of Padua

George and Sandra Des Rosier, St. Francis de Sales

Jim and Carol Deters, St. Augustine

Martin and Kari Devere , Sacred Heart (Tombstone)

Richard & Patricia Di Lallo, Santa Catalina

Jose Santiago and Lupita, Dorantes, St. John the Evangelist

Anthony and Shirley D’Souza, St. Pius X

Luis and Dolores Duarte, St. Augustine Cathedral

Woody and Carol Erickson, Santa Catalina

Ramon and Imelda Farias, St. Augustine Cathedral

Mike and Jackie Findley, Our Mother of Sorrows

Kevin and Lupita Finn, St. Joseph

James and Marjorie Fisher, St. Andrew the Apostle

Thomas & Dorothy Fitzpatrick, St. Pius X

Jorge and Maricela Flores, St. Bartholomew

Sergio and Brenda Gallardo, Our Lady of Fatima

Frank and Sara Galvez, Sacred Heart

Jesus and Alicia Garaygordobil, Most Holy Trinity

Mike and Deb Gearty, St. Andrew the Apostle

Jerry and Tonianne Goebel, St. Andrew the Apostle

George and Mary Gomez, St. Patrick

William and Yolanda Gonzales, St. John the Evangelist

Rafael and Lupita B. Gonzalez, St. John the Evangelist

Conrad and Barbar, Gorney, St. George

Jesus and Mary Granillo, St. Augustine Cathedral

Thomas and Elizabeth Gregory, Sacred Heart (Clifton)

Charles and Veronic, Griffith, St. Andrew the Apostle

Bill and Debbi, Grijalva, St. Joseph

Frank and Maria Grijalva, St. Luke (Douglas)

Hector and Lupita Guerra, St. Joseph

A.E. Jr.,  and Susan Guillot, St. Thomas the Apostle

Francisco and Irene Guzman, Immaculate Conception

Tom and Mary Ann Hackett, St. Mark the Evangelist

Alvin and Rita Hamman, St. Anthony of Padua

Cecil and Sharon Harrington , St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Gilberto and Maria Hererra, St. Andrew the Apostle

Albert and Mary Herrera, Immaculate Conception

Frank and Arcelia Herrera, St. Francis de Sales

Howard and Joan Howie, St. Joseph

Karl H. and Rosemarie Hunger, St. Francis de Sales

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Huntsinger, St. Pius X

Juan y Berenice Jauregui, St. Jude Thaddeus

Arthur and Teresa Jordan, Mother of Sorrows

David and Lisa Jungbluth, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Henry and Angie Jurado, St. Rose of Lima

Thomas and Patricia Kanitz , Santa Catalina

Joe and Louise Keane, Our Lady of the Valley

Joe and Joan Keaney, St. Pius X

Scott A. and Mary C. Kezer, St. Mark the Evangelist

Richard and Sharon Klecan, St. Thomas More Newman

K. Robert P. and Cynthia Klug, St. Odilia

William E. and Cellia Z. Knowlton, St. Rose of Lima

Virgil and Dolores O. Knox, Our Mother of Sorrows

Dave and Judy, Kopp St. Anthony of Padua

Larry and Careen, Kopp Our Lady of the Valley

Michael and Olive Grace Korstem, St. Andrew the Apostle

Chet and La Sha Kozna, St. Francis de Sales

Bob and Danielle La Prise, St. Thomas the Apostle

Ken and Melanie Leikem, St. Frances Cabrini

William and Christina Lem St. Augustine

Jim and Rosa Lerblance Our Lady of Lourdes

Stuart and Christin Lercher Our Lady of Lourdes

Luis and Martha Leyva, San Felilpe de Jesus

Raymond and Susan L’Heureux, Santa Catalina

George and Raymonde Limoges, St. Mark the Evangelist

Bill and Jackie Liscum, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Jaime E. and Beronica Llamas, Our Lady of Fatima

Martin T. and Martha C., Lopez, Sacred Heart (Nogales)

Robert and Aida Lovio, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Reynaldo and Rosie Lucero, St. Augustine

Gary and Pat Luna, St. George

José Federico and Ruth Maestas, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Martin and Gloria Martinez, Our Mother of Sorrows

Daniel and Bobbie Renee Martos, St. George

Tony and Pat Mastrangelo, St. Pius X

Alfredo and Rafael Meda, St. Jude Thaddeus

Edward and Matilde Medina, Our Lady of Fatima

Ernie and Dora Miranda, St. Anthony of Padua

Armando and Belen Montiel, St. Augustine Cathedral

Fred and Elvira Moraga, Our Lady of the Valley

Deacon. Kenneth N. and Linda Moreland, Most Holy Trinity

Harrison and Courtney S. Moreland, St. John Neumann

Alex and Rita Nader , St. Anthony of Padua

William and Anna Belle Ngayan, St. Joseph

Michael and Jeannie Nguyen, St. Cyril of Alexandria

Jesus and Isabel Nieto, Sacred Heart (Willcox)

Edward and Patricia Nowatzki, St. Augustine

Thomas A. and Margaret M. O’Brien, St. George

Dc. Jose R. and Carmen C. Ojeda, St. John the Evangelist

Pierce and Joan O’Leary, St. Pius X

Joe and Mary Ornelia, Santa Cruz

Armando and Celia Oropeza, St. Joseph

Juan and Francis Ortega, San Martin de Porres

Ernest and Frances Pain, St. Joseph

Olgierd and Krystyna Palusinski, Sts. Peter and Paul

Deacon and Mrs. Raymond V. Paulus, St. Frances Cabrini

Frank and Elsie Perez, Santa Cruz

Rudy and Mary Perez, Santa Cruz

Keith and Monica Perrin,

Robert and Audrey Perry, Most Holy Nativity of OLJC

Norm and Joann Peterson, Our Mother of Sorrows

Charles M. and Patricia Pettis, St. Thomas the Apostle

Lawrence and Charlene Pieper, Sts. Peter and Paul

Domingo and Grace Pier, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Katrina and Norbert Pittner, St. Margarets

Bill and Marge Powers, Our Lady of the Valley

George and Vicki Quintero, St. Rose of Lima

Martin and Yvonne Quiroz, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Max and Anna Richards, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Don and Irma Richardson, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Javier and Concepcion Rivera, Immaculate Conception

David and Virginia Robillard, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Tony and Cecelia Rodriguez, St. Ambrose

Gilbert and Lupe Rodriguez, St. Augustine Cathedral

Stephen and Jennifer Rogan, St. Thomas the Apostle

George and Dolores Roman, Most Holy Trinity

Nicholas and Joan Romano, St. Pius X

Martin and Barbara Ronstadt, St. Thomas the Apostle

George F. and Carmen G. Rose, St. Thomas the Apostle

Joseph and Carmen Sainz, Santa Rosa de Lima

Antonio and Helen Salaz, Our Lady of Lourdes

Gustavo V. and Anna M. Salazar, San Xavier Mission

Martin and Helga Salgado, Immaculate Conception

Martin y Helga Salgado, St. Jude Thaddeus

Rich and Kim Samuels, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Eduardo and Otilia Sanchez, St. Monica

Michael and Andrea Sanders, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Todd and Teresa Sanders, St. George

Miguel y Antonia Sandez, St. Jude Thaddeus

Miguel y Teresa Sandoval, St. Jude Thaddeus

Thomas and Maylene Sarama, St. Frances Cabrini

Herbert and Lourdes Sardina, St John Neumann

Mr. and  Mrs. Edward F. Schafle, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Dr. and N.C. Scheuermann,

Jeff and Tanya Schrantz, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

David and Teresa Shirey, St. Thomas the Apostle

Clifford and Dawn Simske, Santa Catalina

John Paul and Erin Snook, St. Andrew the Apostle

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Solomon, St. Anthony of Padua

Norm and Jeanne Sparks, St. George

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spyak, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Lois and Royal, Stark, St. Pius X

Charles and Helen Stewart, Our Lady of the Valley

Kevin and Kathy Stogsdill, Our Mother of Sorrows

Mervyn and Karyle Stuckey, Santa Catalina

Thomas and Kathleen Sudyka, Our Lady of the Valley

Glenn and Marge Sutter, Our Lady of the Mountains

Mark and Mary Ellen Tanberg, St. Rita of the Desert

Bill and Marianne Tausch, St. Thomas the Apostle

Joseph and Brenda Templeton, St. John the Evangelist

Isaias and Maria Torres, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Jesus and Florence Trias, St Pius X

John (Jack) and Barbara Udell, Our Lady of the Valley

Robert and Dorothy Uloth, St. Francis de Sales

Martin and Rosario Urrea, Our Lady of the Mountains

Joe and Debbie Varelas, St. Margaret Mary of Alocoque

Daniel and Dolia Vega, St. John the Evangelist

Michael and Guillermina Verant St Mark

Frank and Betty, Verdugo Holy Cross

Dr. Alfredo B. and Joyce M. Villanueva, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Francisco and Maria Villigas, St. John the Evangelist

Rick and Jean Vock, St. Thomas the Apostle

Wayne and Peggy Wagner, Immaculate Conception

Fred and Kathryn Weiss, St Pius X

Tom and Patty Williams, Most Holy Trinity

William and Joanna Woo , St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Ronald and Loretta Wooley, St. George

Jesus B. and Bertha D. Yanez, St. Ambrose

Richard and Mary Yenter, St. Anthony of Padua

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Zydzik, St. George