Monday Memo, Aug. 31, 2015. Vol. 13, No. 27



Your traveling Bishop

Pilgrimage to Rome
I will be participating in a pilgrimage to Rome from the end of August until just after Labor Day. The pilgrimage is for members of the Catholic Extension Board of Governors.


The Spiritual Guide for our pilgrimage is John Shea, a Senior Fellow of the Ministry Leadership Center, or MLC. That organization creates ministerial formation programs for the senior leadership of five West Coast Catholic healthcare systems. John also has published 25 books on theology and spirituality, has published three works of fiction and two books of poetry. Jack is a seminary classmate of both Father Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension, and me.image001


Catholic Extension was created as a papal society more than 100 years ago, and today works to strengthen and support the Catholic Church in the United States particularly under-resourced mission dioceses, such as our diocese, across the country We owe a great debt to Catholic Extension for its longstanding support of seminary education and grants for various projects and ministries in our diocese, including a grant that allowed us to re-establish our Hispanic Ministry office and to hire Sister Gladys Echenique, O.P. as coordinator. Extension’s recent grant to our diocese provided us with funds to hold a seminar for our priests who were born in different countries and who came to serve among us.


The theme for the pilgrimage is the three Francis: Francis Kelly who was the founder of Catholic Extension, Pope Francis, and St. Francis of Assisi. Part of the pilgrimage is a visit to Assisi.


I am delighted that most of our Mission Committee members are attending as we look at how to strengthen the mission of Catholic Extension in its service to mission dioceses in the United States.






On to Haiti

There are several great photos and a great deal of information on the Our Mother of Sorrows’ website about the work of Joan Martin, a former teacher at OMOS, and her heroic ministry in Haiti. Please visit to get detailed information.


Immediately following the Catholic Extension trip, I will join Msgr. Tom Cahalane, pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, on a 6-day visit to those areas of Haiti served by Joan Martin through the support of the parish.


Here is the mission statement on the project’s website:

As disciples of Jesus we are called to love and to care for one another.

We accept our call to reach out to all God’s people, especially to those in need,

so that the reign of God may be realized in our community, in our nation and in our world.


As participants in the Haiti Project, we embrace our responsibility to walk in solidarity with members of other communities in uniting our lives with those in the poorest nation of the western hemisphere.


Our mission is to provide spiritual, financial and missionary support,

focusing on specific projects that enrich the quality of life for small groups in targeted communities.


Working collaboratively, we seek to foster sustainability and self determination among the People of Haiti and together image God’s love, compassion, mercy, and justice to each other.


Msgr. Tom invited me to join him on his own visit to see the work being done in Haiti. I have been to Haiti to witness the work of Catholic Relief Services, CRS, following the recent earthquake there that devastated much of the island, but this trip will give me insight into other types of relief work –particularly the work the OMOS project is doing for schools in the Diocese of Port-de-Paix, and in the community of Bombardopolis.


OMOS is working with St. François of Assisi Parish in Bombardopolis in a Sister Parish program and has been involved with


– School Nutrition Program

– Teacher-to-Teacher

– Parish Projects

– Seminarian activities

– Sisters’ Projects

– Women’s Arts & Crafts


OMOS also has continued its work on its “Change Haiti” since about 2005, providing for a new water cistern, a fruit and nut trees nursery, and much-needed parish hall.


Past activities also have involved other OMOS parishioners, such as the OMOS Medical Mission Trip to Haiti in June 2005 and the Pilgrimage to Haiti by Laura Stehle

in October 2006.


Around the Diocese:

There are some diocesan events taking place this week as well.


  1. New Diocese of Tucson Homepage

Take a look at our new homepage at

We soon will be inaugurating the redesigned and updated Diocese homepage. The new page includes quick links, social media, video clips and we think it is easier to navigate through various categories of information.


My thanks to our Communications Department, but especially to our multi-media coordinator, Omar Rodríguez, who spent a great deal of time researching and mapping how our internet users navigate on our current page to improve the design of the new page.


  1. Pastor/President/Principal Convocation
    Mon, Aug 31, 8:30 a.m.– 3:30 p.m.

Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School


This very important gathering gives our Catholics Schools Department the opportunity to present crucial information to key players in our Catholic Schools. I am grateful to Msgr. Jeremiah McCarthy our Moderator of the Curia who will represent me at the meeting and celebrate Mass to begin the day. I always appreciate when our Pastors, Principals and Presidents come together.


image007This year Dr. Karen Ristau, former President of the National Catholic Education Association, will be making a presentation. In addition there will a panel to work with pastors, principals and presidents as they reflect on case studies related to our Safe Environment Program. It promises to be a marvelous day.


  1. Pastoral Leadership Development
    Redemptorist Renewal Center Sept. 1 to Sept. 4


Another session in the ongoing series of training seminars presented by our Human Resources Department directed by Richard Serrano to pastors and future pastors will take place this week. Presentations cover everything from HR policies, financial management and practices to Protection policies and other administrative areas.



Concert for Vocations

Plan to attend. I know it will be a delightful and entertaining opportunity.

Sat, Sep 26

St. Augustine Cathedral-Placita

192 S. Stone Ave., Tucson

6 p.m.