Moderator of the Curia Moderator of the Curia Moderator of the Curia

Moderator of the Curia

The curia of a diocese are those institutions (offices and departments) and persons that assist the bishop in the governance of the diocese, especially in guiding pastoral action, in caring for the administration of the diocese, and in exercising judicial power. The principal officials of a diocesan curia are the Vicars General, the Chancellor, the officials of the diocesan Tribunal (or court), examiners, Consultors, auditors, and notaries.

The Moderator of the Curia is charged by the Bishop of Tucson with the responsibility for achieving the most efficient use of staff, facilities, equipment, administrative systems, and all other resources of the Administrative Offices of the Diocese of Tucson and for the monitoring of the progress and accountability of all budgets and all projects and assignments that are given to or initiated by the Administrative Offices. The mission of the Moderator of the Curia is to coordinate activities concerning Administrative and to ensure that the personnel of the Curia properly fulfill the offices and responsibilities entrusted to them.

The Moderator of the Curia is also an ex-officio member of each parish corporate board of directors. By virtue of his appointment as Moderator of the Curia he becomes the Vice President of all the incorporated parishes in the Diocese of Tucson. As Vice President and Board Member of each parish, his role is to assist the parishes in their corporate formalities and their efforts to maintain their separate corporate identity. The Corporate Matters Office has the double responsibility of assisting him in this role and other functions within the pastoral center.