Job Descriptions for Parish Positions
Please note:

The templates below can be used by simply inserting the parish name.  The templates can also be a guide in developing other job descriptions as necessary.

It is important that the format be maintained as is; i.e., Job Title, Exemption Status, etc.

The job title should be determined by the predominant duties and responsibilities.

Each job description should have a single position title even though the duties and responsibilities will be drawn from more than one job description.

To avoid potential charges of discrimination or favoritism, additions or significant changes should be reviewed by the Human Resources Department prior to announcing the position.
Maintenance Technicial I
Maintenance Technician II
Maintenance Supervisor
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
House Keeper
Business Manager I
Business Manager II
DRE Exempt
DRE NonExempt
SE Compliance Office
Parish Youth Minister Exempt
Parish Youth Minister Non-Exempt
Facilities Mgr.

School Principal
School Teacher
School Instructional Aid
School Health Clerk
School Nurse
School Counselor
Office Manager
School Receptionist
School Registrar
School Secretary
Cafeteria Cook
Cafeteria Attendant
Cafeteria Manager
Preschool Aide
School Athletic Director
School Sports Director
Teacher Aide